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Total Sanitation Programme

The project itself has a clinic and it conducts regular health camps in its operational village. Through its operational clinic and health camps, the project health team has so far treated 127 patients by free of cost. Its health activities also include school label health check up, through which 79 school children’s health check up was done this financial year. to make the people self-reliant, regular trainings were imparted to traditional practitioners and various herbal plants were planted in village for treatment of common diseases. Under safe drinking water project, our TRUST teases people

Handicapped Welfare Programme

The project management committee of our institution has been reported Handicapped, in the districts. The matter was discusses, in the managing committee. The matter was resolved positively to open and run to provide facilities to handicapped. Our organization is deeply concerned with the problems of handicapped. Woolen cloths were distributed to the person in winter season. Also trust distributed scholarship among the talented and intelligent handicapped children of their education.

Vocational Training Programme

Unemployment is one of the scourges in the project area and one of the greatest problems for the developing TRUST’s project areas. Human beings are the means as well as the ends of production. So it should be borne in mind that they should neither be treated neither as only means nor as only ends. If there is no manpower planning, it is not possible for the country to get rid of frustration and consequently the rebellious tendencies are generated among the masses. For a democratic country unemployment is a blot, which cannot be washed off by all the welfare functions, which the government might be performing. It will not be incorrect to say that the very institution of democracy becomes weak if the number of unemployed people abnormally increases in a country. Apart from it as manpower of a country is not fully utilized there are no chances of developing the economy of the country on the appropriate lines. The process of development necessitates the enlargement and the diversification of industries, which demands more manpower of various degrees and skills. Similarly education will have to be job-oriented. Since the supply of manpower cannot be decreased so proper planning in the public and the private sector should increase the demand for it. For India unemployment cannot be disastrous than it can be in other countries.

  • Rural Development Programme
  • Health & Family Welfare Programme
  • Welfare Programme for SC/ST
  • Rich Programme
  • Youth Leadership Traininig Programme
  • Yoga & Naturopathy Programme
  • Plantation Programme
  • Cultural Programme
  • Youth Affairs & Sports Programme
  • Aids & Cancer Awareness Programme
  • IT & Computer Training Programme
  • Formation of SHG
  • Drug-De-Addiction Programme
  • Environment Programme
  • Consumer Awareness Camp
  • Road safety Programme
  • Child Labour Welfare Programme