Shruti Communication Trust is commited towards achieving economic and social empowerment of different caste, creed and faith.It has conducted many successful activities for the purpose forproviding them technically efficient, improving their living structure and to empowerimg them to utilize the new opportunities.

The objective for which the trust is established are:-

  • To formulate, obtain funds, implement and run the project for social-economic development programmes of the displaced outers.
  • To formulate programmes, raise necessary funds, co-ordinate with related public and private institutions for the rehabilitation of displaced and land looser and also for the eradication of unemployment among rural and urban youth.
  • To establish develop, run, support, maintain and grant to school, colleges, Universities. Vocational Training institution, Adult Education centers training –cum-production Centers, Agricultural Extension services Centers, Agri - Clinics, Engineering Colleges, information Technology Institution, Management Educational institutional, Teacher’s Training Colleges, Research and other Institutions, reading Rooms, Libraries, Hospitals, laboratories and or such other similar institutions for the benefit of the general public irrespective of castes, creed, sex, colour, religion and race.
  • To promote, establish support, maintain, run or grant aid in case or in kind of the institution for the promotion of science, Literature, music, dramas, fine, arts, preservation of historical monuments and for the research and similar institutions having similar objects to benefit the general public irrespective of casts, creed, sex, colour, religion and race.
  • To established, maintain and run scholarship fund and render other kind of aid to students, including supply of Books, Stipends, Medals, clothing and other incentives to study without any distinction as to casts, creed, sex, colour, religion and race
  • To work for the conservation and augmentation of conventional and non-conventional energy including Bio-Diesel
  • To organize trade fares, village fares, seminars, workshops, procession and pediatric etc. for the attainment of the objectives of the trust.
  • To publish newsletters, magazines, periodicals, bulletins, newspaper, and book start electronic media services for the attainment of object of trust.
  • To work for the preservation of Human Rights & also making aware people about Right to information Act.
  • To promote tourism in the state of Bihar as well as in other state of the Country. Trust can start any project of its own.